Pappardelle prawns and artichokes

The pappardelle prawns and artichokes are a special recipe, a combination of sea and mountains that recalls the freshness of spring.

pappardelle scampi e carciofi
Pappardelle prawns and artichokes


  1. Artichokes of Montelupone
  2. extra virgin olive oil;
  3. carrot;
  4. onion;
  5. scampi;
  6. parsley;
  7. wine;
  8. salt;
  9. butter;
  10. flour;
  11. garlic;
  12. pappardelle

Preparation time

30 minutes




Cut the carrot into cubes and chop the onion, brown them in a pot with 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and add the prawn heads. Then add a sprig of parsley, the wine, and cook for 15 minutes. Switch everything to the vegetable mill, including the squashed shrimp heads; put in a saucepan, salt and heat gently. Then mix 20 g of soft butter mixed with the flour and cook another 5 minutes. Blanch the Montelupone artichokes in wedges for 3 minutes. Brown the prawn tails with the garlic and the remaining butter, add the artichokes and season with salt. Boil the pappardelle, drain and season with the prepared ingredients; sprinkle with chopped parsley.


In the fridge for a day.


If you like, you can add and decorate the dish with chopped orange peel.

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