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The first certified Biological Artichoke of Montelupone

www.carciofodimontelupone.it was born with the aim of putting consumers in direct communication with the biological producers of the well-known artichoke of Montelupone: a traditional vegetable from the Marche region.

It is theassociation of biological artichoke of Montelupone growers who collaborate for the direct sale of the authentic vegetable produced in hilly land without irrigation, without the use of chemical additives, pesticides, growth hormones and according to a production specification entirely biological. In this way, its organoleptic qualities, taste and health benefits are enhanced.

On this page you can view the Disciplinary of the Biological Artichoke of Montelupone.

On the page Nutritional properties of the artichoke you can find all the information about this highly prized vegetable with its benefits.

Through this service it is possible to book the purchase of the product, directly from the production fields and having it delivered to your home on the days that will be indicated.

The producers guarantee the authenticity and quality of the product, both fresh and processed, according to the categories indicated in the menu Products.

Origin and production

The artichoke is a vegetable, produced from a perennial herbaceous plant of Mediterranean origin, already known and used by the Egyptians and then by the Greeks and Romans. In the Middle Ages the Arabs brought it from northern Africa to Spain and from its Arabic name kharshuff, through the Spanish alcachofa, it is called by us artichoke (in the Marche dialect "scarciofeno"). The edible part of the plant is the flower. Over 90 varieties are grown worldwide. In the first collection "mothers" ("mammole" or "flower heads" or "cimaroli", one for each plant) are collected, that is, the first fruits which are larger than the second and third productions (little artichokes).

Scheda dettagliata che descrive le proprietà del Carciofo i Montelupone, redatta dall'ASSAM
Artichoke of Montelupone sheet - ASSAM - Page 1
Scheda dettagliata che descrive le proprietà del Carciofo i Montelupone, redatta dall'ASSAM
Artichoke of Montelupone sheet - ASSAM - Page 2

What does it contain?

100 grams of product contains:

  • 22 Kcal;
  • 2,7 gr. di proteine;
  • 0,2 gr. di grassi;
  • 2,6 gr. di carboidrati;
  • 3,5 gr. di fibre;
  • 91 gr. di acqua.

How to check if the product is fresh?

Grab and press the vegetable between index and thumb; if it is hard and compact then it is fresh. A fresh artichoke must have the tips and leaves still well closed and if the stem has leaves attached, these must not be withered.

How to keep it fresh for a week?

Take the artichoke, remove the hardest external leaves, cut the stem away leaving only a few centimeters. Wash and dry it with a cloth, wrap it in an unclosed plastic bag and put it in the fridge.

Immagine del manifesto dei carciofi italiani
Prof. Carlo Cambi

Riguardo la produzione biologica:

  • Maximum clarity on the production method of the biological artichoke of Montelupone.

The biological method leaves no space for interpretations, misunderstandings or advertising slogans: it is defined from a legislative point of view at community level with the EEC 2092/91 regulation and at national level with the M. D. 220/95. Chemical fertilizers, hormones, herbicides, preservatives, pesticides in general are not allowed. Clear commitments made by the farmer for the benefit of consumers and the environment. A production model that avoids the unnatural exploitation of the soil, water and air, to protect the soil's fertility.

  • Serious and official checks on the entire biological supply chain.

Biological agriculture is the only form of controlled agriculture. After the
notification of the company that decides to undertake the biological path, the same is admitted to the control system and starts the conversion for a long period of detoxification of the soil which can last up to three years. After this period the product can be marketed as organic. The controller carries out multiple inspections during the year. The farms that produce organically must document each step on special registers prepared by the Ministry, this ensures total product traceability. The controllers that can carry out checks and certification of organic production are recognized and verified by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.

Foto della carciofaia
La carciofaia del Carciofo di Montelupone
  • Tutto in etichetta

The label that accompanies the product up to the consumer complies with EC regulations 834/07 and EC 889/08 and is authorized by the controller and Mipa. It reports all the useful information to evaluate the quality of the organic product.

The European biological logo represents a stylized leaf designed with the stars of the European Union.

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