Fresh artichokes

Fresh biological artichoke of Montelupone

There are four types of fresh organic artichoke, which can be reserved, depending on the time of harvest from the plant:

Top artichokes: mammole or cimaroli

They are the first flower heads of each plant and therefore the largest ones, they are also called "mothers", their weight can exceed 180-200 grams.

Carciofi freschi - apicale
Mammola o Cimarolo

1st category artichokes

They are medium-sized products, weighing about 80-100 grams. They grow after the top and before the little artichokes.

Carciofi di IIª categoria

They differ from the first category because they are smaller and weigh 50-70 grams.

Carciofi freschi - medi
1st and 2nd category artichokes

Little artichokes

They are the final products of the artichoke plant, small in size, used mainly for preserves in oil or in vinegar, weigh 30-50 grams.

Carciofi freschi - carciofini
Little artichokes

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In our fields it is cultivated following the Disciplinary of production of the Biological Artichoke of Montelupone.

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