The Artichoke of Montelupone present at the Central Italy Agricultural Review

Slogan for the year 2018: "Roots Agriculture Food Innovation"

As every year, the Agricultural Review of Central Italy returns and the protagonists are the sectors of agro-food, the short agricultural supply chain, organic agriculture, educational farms, animal husbandry, agricultural mechanization and tourism promotion of the rural area.

From the regulation published on the site http://raci.comune.macerata.it, we read that products relating to the following sectors will be exhibited:

  • Agribusiness:
    • productions of the territory "short chain";
    • biological productions;
    • wine exhibition curated by the IMT _ Istituto Marchigiano Tutela wines;
    • preview of the "National Review of monovarietal oils" edited by the ASSAM of the Marche Region;
    • typical agri-food products;
    • handicraft agri-food products characteristic for the territory of origin;
    • local products whose producers have entered into supply agreements for food and wine events characterized by the brand "Momenti del gusto".
  • Zootechny:
    • Cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, low court animals, etc .;
    • equipment, products and services for animal husbandry and small domestic farms;
    • veterinary and animal feed products.
  • Agricultural mechanization for extensive industrial crops:
    • vehicles and equipment for farmers;
    • accessories for agriculture and spare parts.
  • Rural tourism, ecotourism and active tourism
    • agencies for the management of the tourism promotion area of the rural territory, such as: I.A.T., parks, reserves, U.N.P.L.I., institutes, etc .;
    • agencies for the promotion of "out door" and hiking sports activities, as well as for the management of tourist-sporting activities in the RACI field, such as: CONI, sports and hiking associations, etc .;
    • products and equipment for "out door" and hiking sporting activities.
  • Collateral sectors;
    • Institutional area managed in collaboration with trade organizations, Marche Region, universities, institutes, associations, etc .;
    • agritourism, green building, bioenergy;
    • green furniture;
    • equipment, products and services for irrigation;
    • equipment and products for organic cultivation;
    • equipment and products for horticulture and nursery gardening;
    • horse riding;
    • clothing and equipment;
    • machines, equipment, products and services for gardening and landscaping;
    • integrated supply chain processes;
    • products and services for the care and management of the territory;
    • research, training, institutes, services relating to the product sectors;
    • technologies for forestry.

Also this year the Artichoke of Montelupone is present with its stand in the exhibitors area. The goal is to make the product known with all its properties.
In addition, our fresh artichokes will be cooked during the show cooking organized by the Macerata Cooks Association, Academy of Italian Cuisine - section of Macerata, Municipality of Macerata, Province of Macerata, University of Macerata and Camerino, Ipseoa of Cingoli, Macerata Chamber of Commerce, Confcommercio, Confartigianato, Assam, Marche Region, during the fair days.

At the inaugural ceremony of the event, this year organized by the Municipality with the support of the Province of Macerata and the Marche Region and which like every year is renewed on time to offer a showcase to the production excellence related to the world of agriculture and as a moment of comparison between the various territorial realities will participate, together with the mayor Romano Carancini and the president of the Marche region Luca Creiscioli and that of the Province Antonio Pettinari, also the Bishop of Macerata Monsignor Nazzareno Marconi, the mayors of the province, civil and military authorities, representatives of the institutions, trade associations and social partners, exhibitors and operators.

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