Tagliatelle with artichokes

tagliatelle ai carciofi
Tagliatelle with artichoke of Montelupone

Montelupone Artichoke noodles are highly appreciated in Italian cuisine, especially for their fine and delicate taste.


  1. Artichoke of Montelupone
  2. lemon;
  3. salt;
  4. onion;
  5. extra virgin olive oil;
  6. nut;
  7. parmesan.

Preparation time

20 minutes




Clean the artichokes by discarding the outermost leaves that usually remain harder. Cut them into small wedges and dip them in water and lemon so as not to blacken them. In a saucepan, heat the onion and oil and add the artichokes, brown them, put half a nut and cover them with water. Cook for 15 minutes and then season the pasta cooked in another pan and add Parmesan.


In the fridge two days.


Enjoy your meal!