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The Site is aimed exclusively at Users who have reached the age of 18.

The navigation and use of the services offered within the Site are made accessible after registration.

Registration is free.

Users who register on the Site will have to provide some personal data and follow all the steps from the procedure (hereafter also "Full Registration").

At the time of the Full Registration the User will be asked to choose a Username and a Password, which the user undertakes not to temporarily give to third parties and to keep with due care, diligence, and secrecy under his own responsibility, constituting these credentials the only means to identify the User and to validate his access to the offers.

The User is therefore informed that all the acts performed through the use of these credentials will be attributed to him and will have binding effect on him.

The User is required to immediately inform www.carciofodimontelupone.it of any unauthorized or improper use of his access credentials or to report any violations by third parties.

If www.carciofodimontelupone.it finds violations, it may at its discretion inhibit access, permanently delete the information contained therein or refuse to open the new Account by the same User.

At any time the User can update and / or modify or request the cancellation of the information released during the Registration.

In the event of a cancellation request, however, www.carciofodimontelupone.it may temporarily keep, in whole or in part, this information, for the sole purpose of executing any purchases made and / or being able to conclude the accounting and tax procedures.

Offer conditions

Oggetto delle offerte di www.carciofodimontelupone.it è l’acquisto di beni ai prezzi indicati sul Sito.

Www.carciofodimontelupone.it reserves the right not to process orders from subjects other than the "consumer" in accordance with its commercial policy.

In any case, www.carciofodimontelupone.it does not sell alcohol to people who have not reached the age of 18.

By submitting orders, the consumer guarantees that the ordering subject and, if different, the recipient of the goods are both over 18 years of age.

The images accompanying the information sheets of a product or offer may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but may differ in color, size and accessory products shown in the figure.

All purchase support information is intended as simple generic information material, therefore not referable to the real characteristics of a single offer.

The validity of the offers may be subject to quantitative or temporal limitations, once they are exhausted, they may no longer be available.

The validity date and / or the available quantity of the offers are shown on the Site in such a way as to allow the User to take note of them.

Www.carciofodimontelupone.it may change the duration or quantity of an offer at any time and at its discretion, it being understood that it will follow up on orders placed during the validity of a given offer.

An offer may be published several times over time, also following agreements with the Partner or supplier of the goods.

In some cases it is possible that the availability of an asset ends at a later time after purchase: in these cases www.carciofodimontelupone.it, if the conditions exist, will refund the User.

It is also possible that for some offers of goods a specific variant is not guaranteed and the User will be required to specify one or more preferences at the time of purchase: in these circumstances the User is aware that he will be able to receive a different product variation than to the one chosen during the purchase phase.

In the case of promotional sales or through flash-deal formulas as specified above, the full price indicated in the offer ("Strikethrough price") and with respect to which the discount that www.carciofodimontelupone.it applies is calculated may correspond to:

  • at the public list price indicated by the supplier;
  • to the results of market surveys. The methods for calculating the Strikethrough Price vary from product to product.

Www.carciofodimontelupone.it may also provide a monthly subscription service ("Subscription Service"), that is, on a continuous basis and following a request for activation of the service by the User and up to the moment when the User does not request the deactivation.

The service provides, against payment by the User of a fee indicated on the Site, the supply and related delivery of the products selected by www.carciofodimontelupone.it in its total discretion among those provided in the catalog.

Purchase procedure and payment methods

Taking note of the conditions of the offer, the User can conclude the purchase by following the procedure on the Site.

Before finalizing the purchase, a summary will be displayed in which the unit cost of the selected asset and the total will be indicated, in the event of the purchase of multiple quantities of the same item or different items.

The cost of any shipping, delivery or postal costs can be fixed or variable, calculated based on the weight of the goods, the number of selected items and / or the destination address indicated by the User during the purchase process.

Shipping costs can also be included in the sale price of some items or can be free of charge if the total amount of the order is greater than a certain value.

However, the User is always informed of the amount of shipping costs before concluding the purchase procedure and making the payment.

Once the purchase has been completed, the User will have to proceed with the payment, which will be made against www.carciofodimontelupone.it, both in the case of Direct Sale and in the case of Intermediate Sale.

In the case of an Intermediate Sale, www.carciofodimontelupone.it will receive payment in the name and account of the partner, thus remaining always unrelated to the relationship between the Partner and the User.

Following the successful completion of the payment, the User will receive a confirmation email containing the information relating to the offer purchased.

The email will also contain a reference to these General Terms and Conditions.

The confirmation will contain a summary of the delivery and billing address.

The shipment of the goods takes place within the times indicated in the order confirmation.

In the case of timed offers (flash-deal), the goods may be sent to the User after their expiry.

In the absence of the confirmation email, the purchase cannot be considered validly concluded.

In this case, should the amount of the non-purchase be erroneously charged to the User, the same will be required to promptly notify www.carciofodimontelupone.it, by sending an email to info@carciofodimontelupone.it in order to allow www.carciofodimontelupone. it to check what happened and in case of refunding the amount paid.

The accepted payment methods, unless otherwise specified or agreed with the User, are: with and without PayPal account, by bank transfer or cash on delivery (cost 6 euros).

The debit of the sums due occurs, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the offer, at the time of confirmation of payment.

In the case of bank transfer, the bank details (IBAN), the amount of the transfer and the order number will be indicated at the time of order confirmation.

Payment by bank transfer must be made within the terms indicated if any, and in any case no later than 10 days from the order confirmation, a deadline beyond which it may not be possible to guarantee the fulfillment of the goods: in this case www.carciofodimontelupone.it will re-credit to the sender, without additional costs and by bank transfer, any payment received after the deadline.

In the case of Subscription Service, the User authorizes www.carciofodimontelupone.it to proceed with the periodic debit of the amount on the credit or prepaid card.

In this regard, the User declares and guarantees the availability of the sum necessary for the payment of the consideration.

If the User realizes that he has provided incorrect and / or incomplete information about his general information or the shipping address of the goods, it is necessary that he communicate it promptly and within the terms of order fulfillment, by sending an email to the address info@carciofodimontelupone.it.

In all cases, the User is solely responsible for any incorrect and / or incomplete indication of generality or delivery address, with the consequent possibility of loss of the amount paid if the goods are delivered to strangers.